Industries and Applications -Coil Heaters, Mini Coil Heaters, "Nextflex" Formable Flexible Manifold

  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Under Water Pellitization
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing and wafer processing
  • Hot metal forming dies and punches
  • Sealing and cutting bars
  • Restaurant and food processing equipment
  • Laminating and printing presses
  • Air heating
  • Heating in a vacuum environment
  • Textile Manufacturing

Other Applications – Flat Coil Heaters, Pressed in Brass Coil Heaters, Mini/Micro Coil Heaters

  • Packaging, Automotive, High Cavitation, Caps and Closures
  • Plastic Molding for the Cosmetic Industry
  • Mass Spectrometry, Air heating, Medical
  • Low profile Packaging Jaws
  • Small Manifold Heating
  • Rubber Molding, Plastic Welding, Plate Heating, Specialty heated tools






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